Your Personal Cryptocurrency Miner

A team of our specialists experienced in cryptocurrency mining permanently works on optimizing the whole process of cooperating with investors (including the system of lending computing powers) in order to ensure stable high profit from mining Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies for all the members of our common business.

Country City Name Surname Email/Skype Phone Number
USA Tampa, Florida Daryl W. Rucker +1 813-843-3130
Russia St. Petersburg Yelena Veterova +7-985-916-2312
Romania Bucharest Andrei Vasilache +40-723-258-762
Nigeria Abuja Obukohwo Akpede +090-507-02-222
Pakistan Sargodha Malik Anwar Zia +923-006-039-356
Benin Cotonou Hospice Dongbeto +229-97-48-74-97
Venezuela Cumaná Cesar J Figueroa J +58-412-817-2337
Nigeria Lagos Godwin Nweke +234 (0)806-733-1656
South Africa Pretoria Jan Venter +278 268-676-62
Germany Bademwürtemberg Bodo Purper +49 016-050-012-21
Australia Australia Nasir Zia +61 478-654-372
Pakistan Hyderabad Farrukh Bhatti +9 230-183-714-83

Official Representative Affiliate Program:

1-st level 7% from deposit amount

2-nd level 5% from deposit amount

3-rd level 3% from deposit amount

If you are an official representative of Crypto Source Ltd. company and you have customers who are interested in crypto currency and mining process of them?

Then you can start earning from each purchase of your referral!

Benefits of being official representative

Are you willing to get a profitable and interesting job that will help you to achieve financial independence? Our company invites individual and legal entities to become the official representatives of our company in their region. We are interested in expanding our activity, which is why we are constantly attracting new investors to cooperate with us. An official representative who helps us in this process receives financial reward in a form of a certain percentage from the deposit of an invited investor.

What will official representatives get to effectively cooperate with our company. Our partners receive full informational support, necessary help in organizing and developing regional representative office, as well as ready-made advertising solutions for promoting our common project. The company provides you with a right to use the CRYPTO SOURCE LTD brand name and own algorithms developed for professional conduct of a structural business. Information about your personality will be published on our website which will establish trust in potential investors and will help to increase the flow of investment in your business. Unlimited growth of profit that only depends on the effectiveness of your work, absence of competitors inside of the company, free training and a quick start of your business are the main advantages of cooperation for our companions. The structure of our referral system consists of three levels. If an investor invited by you also wishes to become an official representative and launches their own promotional campaign on attracting new investors, all of their referrals (invited individuals) will become your affiliates of the second level. Accordingly, if these investors invite new participants into our project, they will be located on the third level of the affiliate program.

On what particular financial conditions can an official representative of our company count? Attracting new investors into our project, official representatives automatically take part in an affiliate program that supposes an accrual of the following dividends: an official representative receives 7% of the deposit sum of every attracted investor of the first level; 4% from deposits of an investor of the second level; and every investment of a third level investor will bring you 2% of the whole invested sum.
This scheme of accruals motivates our partners to look for new investors and is a financial retribution for working well, it contributes to looking for new ways of attracting investments. Opening a deposit in our company, attracted clients will receive an impeccable service and great conditions for receiving profit, and you will gain your well deserved award for active cooperation in the perspective development of the company.

An important advantage of working with our company is help provided by our specialists in setting up all the processes required for a quick launch of a successful affiliate activity according to our standards. Our official representatives will receive competitive investment products with attractive terms for the clients, informational resources of our company, and training materials. Therefore, using our infrastructure, technical capabilities, and investment ideas will allow you to build a stable profitable business with minimal investment and without risks. Building trusting relationships with each partner and client is the priority of our company, which allows to significantly expand our representation in different regions. Thanks to high corporate standards, we are able to hold our leading positions in the rating of investment projects, which serves as a guarantee of stability of our activity and established the presence of clear perspectives for our companions.
Our investing opportunities and suggested conditions for fruitful and mutually profitable cooperation are the way to your personal financial freedom and independence.

What you need to do to become official representative

A large company that possesses an impressive capital and multi-million turnover and a separate individual distributing information about our services irregularly can both become an official representative of our investment company. While in the sphere of trade the main income of the official representative (distributor) consists in the discount on the product provided by the manufacturer, in our case, a beneficial affiliate program is offered, which brings impressive passive profit in a form of interest deductions from investor’s investments.
We look for ambitious partners who can become a part of our professional team and will take part in exchanging ideas on increasing the effectiveness of our work, who are capable of implementing long-term plans and aren’t afraid of reasonable risks. We are expecting our partners to cooperate quickly, to be independent in taking decisions, to keep increasing their level of professionalism and competence, and we offer unique opportunities for developing their business and increasing their profits in return.

If you have experience in performing such an activity, your own team of responsible employees, a wish to invest funds into profitable projects, apply for working with us and begin cooperating with our company today.
There’s no requirement of signing official agreements with us for those who wish to make money on promoting our services (like it happens in other fields of activity), and it’s not necessary to have a certificate and a permit to perform such an activity. Every official representative is free to choose the way of advertising our services, and our company provides them with all necessary promotional materials that will help to achieve the goals. How and where can I look for people interested in investing? An official representative receives his or her own partner link from our company that they can use in the Internet on websites with any content. It can be a catalogue of investment companies, own website, Internet shops and wholesale outlets, blogs and forums about earning money on the Internet, social networks (a popular public page or a community). One of your main tasks is to develop an effective promotional offer that will not only be easy to spot, but will also make a person take a closer look at our services, go to our website, sign up, and, finally, invest their own assets to receive profit in the future.

How to find out more about the conditions of cooperation? What else is required from you as from an official representative of our Crypto Source Ltd. company? Send your letter to the following email address ( with this subject: “OFFICIAL REPRESENTATIVE”. You will receive a reply with detailed information on your question.